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Sports Made Easy is a turnkey website solution for your sports association.

Sports Made Easy is a professionally supported product that will be there for you year after year. While there are many well-done association web sites, much of their success is due to the volunteer that created them. When those volunteers leave, you may need to start over with your web site development. Sports Made Easy provides your association with web site continuity as volunteers change.

Sports Made Easy is designed around the 3 C's - Communication, Community, and Convenience:

Sports Made Easy was designed by sports parents to improve communication between parents, coaches, and managers.

While nothing will replace the calendar on the refrigerator, your site will have web-based team calendars for those times when the refrigerator is not nearby.

In addition, each team has an email mailing list, called the Coach's Message, that allows coaches and managers to provide timely email informational updates to parents.

In addition to being displayed on the home page, the stories and columns can be emailed as a newsletter.
It's easy to focus on our own children's teams. Sports Made Easy will enhance the sense of community for your association by the following features:

Home page stories and columns - The stories provide a great way to let everyone know what is going on in the association. Parents, coaches, and players can submit a story for all members to see. Your site editor approves all stories before they show up on your home page.

Home game calendar - If you'd like to watch other association games, the home game calendar provides a 7 day view of home games*.

Scores scroller - The scores scroller on the home page is a great way to follow other teams in your association.

Sports Made Easy has simple, easy-to-use web-based forms to allow you to quickly update your site.

Maintenance of your site is pushed down to the lowest appropriate level - everyone shares in the maintenance of your site so your site administrator isn't swamped with updates. This also allows for timely information dissemination.

Team managers are responsible for their team content (contact information, team calendars, scores, budget, etc.). Your story editor maintains story and column content, provided by everyone in your association. And your local site administrator creates and maintains global site content.
  * (This feature is currently only available if you use Max Schedule or Max Schedule Plus to upload your ice schedule).  

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